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Develop the fundamental skills, mental stamina, and physical strength to achieve your goals. 

Elite Softball University’s unique digital program is structured to train the complete athlete, strengthening players’ mental and physical abilities with applied critical skills and mechanics. Our library of resources—including tips and tutorials, training videos, drills, and more—helps players of all levels cultivate the confidence, stamina, form, and skills to achieve their personal softball goals.

Developed by Coach Jen Hapanowicz, the founder and CEO of USA Elite Training, the Elite training is unparalleled in its results. Enroll today and discover why our program has been so transformative for over 35,000 athletes of all ages worldwide.

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Speed Killers

 Feel like you’re stuck at your speed and don’t know what to do? Check out our speed killer videos, and we’ll help you fix those mechanics and reach your highest potential! Don’t believe us? Ask the thousands of girls who have gone through our program to become successful pitchers at the high school, college, and national level!

Athlete and Customer


“We’ve been clients for about 4 years now. We heard about you through other clients in our recreational and travel softball leagues. I would absolutely recommend USA Elite to others.  Jen’s instructors are well trained, and Jen, herself, is an amazing coach. In just 4 months of working with Jen, my daughter increased her pitching speed by 5 MPH and learned a new pitch well enough to throw it during a game. Jen is able to push the girls to better themselves. 

-Kim Math

“Maddie has been a client since January 2020.  I heard about USA Elite from a friend, Anthony DeStefano.  The instruction is unmatched.  There is also a very structured approach to ensuring the proper pitching form. The 1:1 lessons have been excellent. The instructors are knowledgeable and they really care about the players improving and getting better. Maddie picked up 6 mph in less than 6 months. But more importantly her form has improved.”

-Walt Pickett

The improvement has been tremendous…my daughter started pitching at age 7 with Jen and her staff, and now she is 12…her pitching fundamentals, speed & her ability to make in game adjustments are attributed to the instruction that she gets.  She has always stepped up in games, big games, and she is always in control of the game with the confidence and knowledge that USA Elite has armed her with.”

-Dennis Insogna

“100% improvement! Without USA Elite’s top-notch training, Sydney’s game would not be at the travel team level. Jen and her team of trainers have coached, encouraged and pushed my daughter since the age of 9 into the pitcher that she is today and we expect even more as college is now the future goal!”   


“Our video lesson was great! My daughter got all the same detailed feedback as in the facility. With two camera angles, Jen can see everything she needed to help her improve. It was just like being there in person.” 


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